Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It Wasn't a Hamburger That Set Me Off

It Was Some Sort of Humburger



Sunday was the Annual Hamburger Festival in Ginoza, Okinawa.

The place was sort of crowded and, I had other things to do but, I visited briefly.

hamburger festival, sing, ail end of line

Driving the car was, Map It Okinawa dude and here's where we got in line.

ToTo la Bebe Hamburgers have been champions for a few years so, we ordered some.

festival, tents, food, short lines

 The most popular burger joints had the longest waiting lines.

After about 25 minutes, I decided to order something from a place, with no line.

Way down to the left, was some sort of Brisket Burger tent and, nobody was waiting.

Hah.  I plopped down my 800 yen and, ordered me one and, went to eat it.

humburger, beef brisket, pickle, tofu, bun, cheese

Waiting for my partner in crime to bring the real hamburgers, I looked at this one.

There wasn't any hamburger meat on the thing so, I shot it.

Some sort of boot leather, cheese and maybe, tofu, were on the bun.

Map It, showed up with the real deal from ToTo la Bebe and, we left the festival.

The plan was, to do a comparison on the two types of burgers but, it didn't happen.

Well, I ate the two hamburgers from Toto la Bebe but, couldn't do the test.

Tonight was the first time, I noticed, what the little flag on the concoction, says.

The thing was Bones, some sort of brisket, HUMBURGER !

They will never have to worry about me, doing a review on their restaurant.

Truthfully, I'd rather be eating hamburgers, buffalo burgers or, kangaroos. 

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