Thursday, December 10, 2015

Before and After Photos of a Live Performance

Video of Miyazawa Kazufumi in His Prime


Enjoy, listening to the video, while you examine the images to see what changes occurred.

Truth is, I didn't take this photo; just did some editing, to the background.

 Back in the days a band named, The Boom, was popular it would draw a huge crowd.

Miyazawa Kazufumi was the singer and songwriter who performed Shima Uta.

For those, who don't speak Japanese, that means Island Song.

Knowing there would be a crowd at the event, I arrived 3 hours early and got lucky.

Close to one side of the stage an area was roped off and, I was allowed access.

That's because, the sound system and lighting manager, has known me for years.

Photos of all the bands, leading up to this superstar's entrance, were taken and, I backed off.

It would be great if, I could capture the whole crowd, while Shima Uta was being played.

Wouldn't Know the Boom Lead Singer If I Stumbled Over Him Drunk

Maybe some folks do but, not me. I know the song Shima Uta, when I hear it.

Standing across the festival field, I heard the song being played and, joked with a friend.

It sounded like they changed the music to some sort of rap or, Jamacian stuff.

"What an insult to The Boom, this is going to be," I said to my friend,"It's horrible!"

Bringing my Canon G12 was, Mami but, she was running late from another event.

She kept text messaging me, "Are they still there?"

And, I kept texting back, "Don't worry, he hasn't even showed up, yet."

We started thinking maybe, he got stuck in traffic or, cancelled, for some strange reason.

live band, Miyazawa Kazufumi, singer, Santa helpers
Photo Credit: Mami Sakiyama

 The performance, with the superstar, was scheduled from 8-9PM.

Mami arrived and, I got permission to let her in the roped-off area with my tripod.

She caught maybe, the last ten minutes of the live performance, while I took a smoke break.

live band, image, edited

Initially, I straightened the image and removed pipes sticking out of people's heads.

Then, I decided the Santa's helpers were distractions and, removed them, too.

The guy in red, playing the sanshin, was the star performer, I wanted to have standing out.

Two silhouettes of people, dancing in the front of the stage, was alright, to leave in the scene.

It's a shame, I didn't recognize, this talented singer and songwriter.

It wasn't until the show ended, Mami showed me, the photos of the guy in the red shirt.

She had wanted to sing Shime Uta, along with the crowd and, missed it.

So, I told her,"Ya done good."

She had been shooting that little G12 at ISO's between 800-3600 and, got the subject.

That's better than, I did. I got none of the dude, while smoking and joking off the field !

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