Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Wild Pest Called Mongoose in Okinawa (Image)

mongoose, field, Herpestes javanicus

Became an Invasive Species



The little furry rascals, Small Asian Mongoose (Herpestes javanicus) cause trouble everywhere.

They were brought to Okinawa by someone, thinking poisonous snakes would be eaten by them.

In Hawaii, and St. Croix, they were imported for rat control and, it was a bad idea.

They might kill and eat an occasional snake but, they like birds and, their eggs, too.

Everybody's brilliant pest control plans, seemed to have failed and backfired.

The varmints are harming endangered species and, having negative effects, everywhere.

It got me thinking of ways to help out and get rid of the pests; create a demand for them.

Suppose, somebody came up with a recipe for their meat; that would be a good thing.

Something like a Hawaiian pineapple flavored mongoose burger.

It would be nice, to help out St. Croix but, I didn't know where it was and, had to check.

St. Croix is way over there in the U.S.Virgin Islands; that's just great.

How about a pineapple flavored Mongoose Burger on a Virgin Bun then ?



Kim said...

I like your idea of commercializing this varmint. Throw in a catchy phrase like "you can suck the head", and I'm sure half of Louisiana would jump on the band wagon.

RyukyuMike said...

Whoa, dude. I have some good friends, down there, in Louisiana, who might object, to that statement. But, you could be right about the other half of the state !