Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stubborn Flower Keeps Resisting Identification

Who Can Identify the Beauty?



There are over 200 flowers in the pending files and, I want this one out before the year ends.

It seemed like it would be an easy one to research, when I first shot it.

white, yellow, lavender, flower, plant
There are many methods, I use to find the names of plants and flowers.

Library books on my desk, that are always a month overdue at the library, help sometimes.

But, I can't find anything that looks like that rascal in them, this time around.

rock garden, flower leaves

This plant was in some sort of rock garden by the City Office.

Usually, I'll talk to someone, in the neighborhood and, ask if they know the plant's name.

Some guy came along but, said he didn't know what the flower's name might be.

It would have been better, to talk to an old woman. I like doing that for a few reasons.

First being, they usually know, what they're talking about and, help me.

Second reason: If I decide to grab the plant and run, most of them can't catch up with me. 

Just kidding. But, I do tell them, I'm married. However, I'm free, in the evenings.

Then, I wink at them and, watch them cackle !  I just love old ladies.

white,yellow,purple, flower, bug eaten

 The photos were taken in February and March of this year and, are gone now.

It could be, bugs ate them or, maybe someone less honest than me, snatched them up.

Beautiful things like this, never last forever, you know.

That's why my wife, doesn't worry about me being around beautiful, young ladies.

She knows, I ain't never fooling around with a young girl who's fast enough to catch me.

Back to Flower Identification

It would have been nice, if a specimen was borrowed, to take to the flower shop.

Sometimes, I'll snap a quick shot and, show the lady, what I'm trying to name.

They are very helpful and, chase me down the street, when they have a solution, for me.

The last time, they solved a toughie, I told them I'd buy a hundred bucks worth of flowers.

And, I did because, it happened to be the wife's birthday that week.

All the old gals, in town smiled, when they saw my walking with a bale of flowers in my arms.

The damn thing was heavy and expensive so, I'll probably only visit the flower shop once a year.

Flower ID's can be found online if, you don't mind staring at a computer monitor.

Well, I look at computer screens too much, as it is, with my photography.

So, unless it's an easy one to identify, I'd rather try a different method.

There are a few flower experts, I know on Facebook and, they are helpful most of the time.

It might become a burden if, I sent 240 flower photos, to one of them for identification.

That would be a great way, to reduce your friends on Facebook if, you have too many !

So, I decided to try this, little experiment.

Does Anybody Out There Know What the Heck This Flower Might Be ?




Of all the places, I've never thought, Twitter would be a resource, until now.

I received a tweet from charming, Laura MacKinnon:  (@tokyololas)

And, she told me, we have an Iris japonica, here.

She now has a new Twitter follower. Check her out and, you may want to see her Tweets, too.

Common Name: Fringed Iris, Shaga or, Butterfly Flower on the Wiki site.


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