Saturday, December 5, 2015

When Traveling at Night Use Caution

Dimly Lighted Areas



Every now and then, you may find yourself, walking down a dark street.

You should remain alert and be aware, there may be suspicious characters in the area.

street lamps, night

It's best, not to act timidly and, walk with confidence, in these situations.

There may be desperate, homeless, drunk or mental hospital outpatient folks in the area.

If you don't know how to deal with them, take a taxi, to get to where you're going.

None of those characters, frighten me; I've dealt with all of them before.

pool table, blliards,players

There's only two things, I try to avoid when, enjoying the night life.

These folks, don't approach you aggressively, they are smooth talkers and good at their trades.

There won't be any photo, of the desperate women because, I didn't take any last night.

But, the characters at the billiard table, are something else, I avoid.

Call them pool sharks, if you like !

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