Friday, January 29, 2016

Checklist: Sakura Photography Tomorrow

5 Things to Remember



Normally, you wouldn't catch me going back up north during cherry blossom season.

Some guests want to go and shoot photos so, I'll be getting ready.

Before leaving the office, I decided to make this checklist, to remind me of a few items.

1. Weekends are the most crowded days for people and traffic. Don't go unless you have to.

2. Weather forecast: 70% chance of rain. Bring an umbrella and waterproof jacket.

3. A stepladder puts you above the crowds.  Bring one.

4.  Japanese White Eyes (Mejiro) love sakura (cherry blossoms). Bring along a big, fast lens. 

5.  If it rains all day, take Teru Teru Bozu off the mailbox and, throw him away !

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