Sunday, January 24, 2016

Travel Scene: Could it Snow in Paradise ?

Maybe If Hell Freezes Over !



Usually, I like to post images of sunshine filled locations on this island.

But, lately the wicked weathermen have been predicting cold and even, snow.

What's up with all the global warming, everybody screams about ?

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It felt like it was freezing as I walked towards the office this morning.

Bundled up in a parka, I started wishing I had some gloves to wear; it was cold and windy.

Luckily, a daughter came along and drove me halfway in her heated van.

Looking at the dashboard, she pointed out the outside temperature to me.

It was 9 degrees Celsius.  That's cold, when you have a strong ocean breeze.

At the office, I had to search for a conversion chart, online, to see how cold it really was.

Over at Conversion Metric Org they tell me:

 9 °C = 48.2 °F

Here I am freezing, wearing an Alaskan parka and, socks with my flip-flops.

Weather dudes are saying the temperature tonight will drop down to 6 °C.

6 °C, and that's a blazing 42.8 °F  !

So, I figure there's not much sense investing money in snow shovels, around here.

The photo above was taken from the second floor restaurant Kaminuhama.

It is located on Okinawa's west coast in Onna-son.

Checkout the Nabee Beach Website for more. 

Can't read Japanese ?  Press the American flag on the right and, get English.


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