Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Gave Us a Full Wolf Moon

It Was at 98% Last Night



Some of the charts say the full moon for JAN 2015 went from the 23-26th.

The clouds blew by and, I got a few photos before leaving the office.

JAN 25 2016, Full Moon,image

When I got to the street, I saw this and, ran back in to grab a tripod and camera.

Everything was set up on a Gitzo tripod and, I zoomed in, all the way.

Camera: Pentax K3

Lens: Sigma 50-500 with 1.4 converter - focal length 700MM

Exposure: f/16   1/100   ISO 100

Location: Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time: JAN 25 2016 at  9:01PM

Handy Full Moon Information


Back in America, they have names for the full moon each month.

The Full Wolf Moon comes from wolves howling at the January moon.

Nobody really knows why, they do it but, it could be because they're hungry, I imagine.

Over at Space (dot) com you can learn all about full moons and, watch a video.

They give you the names and dates of full moons throughout the year.

In the video, this guy, teaching, will make you laugh.

He says stuff like, the full moon doesn't make people or animals crazy.

If you're of those people, who will turn into a werewolf, the moon doesn't do it, to you.

It just means, you could morph into a critter at any time.  Hah !

He also says, the night of the full moon, is the worst time, to watch the moon.

That's because, he says, it's too bright.  Well, I disagree, there.

The worst time, for me to watch the moon, is when, the damn thing goes behind clouds.

When, it's too bright, is the best time for a cameraman, to shoot the sucker.

Other than that, you should watch the whole video.  It's entertaining and funny.

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