Saturday, January 23, 2016

Plum Blossoms on Mt.Yaedake

Who Would Have Thought ?



A true flower fanatic could go crazy with the cameras, up on that hill.

There are cherry blossoms and plum flowers starting to bloom, at the same time.

plum tree, gaurdrail,country, road

It's a shame, I didn't bring along the Garmin GPS gadget yesterday.

Knowing, a bunch of folks will want to know where these plum blossoms are, bothers me.

I'm not that good, at giving highway directions; there's more important stuff on my mind.

white, flowers, plum blossoms, buds, stems

It's sort of rare, getting to see these plum flowers blooming, around here.

The season for viewing them probably, only lasts a week or, so.

That tree wasn't in full bloom, yet.  Look at all the unopened flower buds.

sign, cherry blossoms, trees, mountain
 Up on that mountain named Yaedake, you might find the plum blossoms.

Look for these cherry trees with the red and pink flowers, hanging on them.

And, position yourself, where you imagine, I was standing while taking this photo.

Then, turn around and, walk about a quarter mile down the country road.

The trees with white plum blossoms, are down there, on the left, somewhere.


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Thanks. A bit cold, wet and windy up there but, definitely worth the trip.