Monday, January 18, 2016

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Blooming in Kin Town

Don't Get Your Underwear in an Uproar



Somebody heard my complaint about all the rain yesterday.

The weather took a turn for the best and, got me outdoors, where I belong.

Before leaving the house, I told the wife, I had two big articles, to work on.

So, I probably would be in the office, all day today.  And, she said, "No you won't.

If the sun shines all day, you'll be out with your cameras, walking." 

So, that's what I did.  The plan was, to shoot birds at the Kin Dam.

cherry blossoms, pink and white, flower, bud, stem

Along the way, I saw the first few cherry blossoms, just below the Kin Bridge.

The lens being used was a Sigma 50-500 with a 1.4 converter so, I could reach out 700MM.

That's how this photo was taken.

buds, blossoms, cherry tree, branches, bark

Here, I selected one blossom, with some cherry bark in the background.

It sort of, makes the sakura and flower buds, stand out for you.

green background, flowers, buds, cherry blossoms

Unlike many other cherry blossoms, ours face down towards the ground.

Up in the northern parts of Japan, the blossoms face up towards the sky.

bell-shaped flowers, cherry blossoms, pink

It would be difficult to estimate, what percent of the trees are in bloom.

There are more important things, for me to do than, count  trees and flowers.

For people sitting around, twisting their underwear, I can tell you this:

Along the way, I only stopped to take photos at three trees.

tree, branches, sky

 The other 100 or so, cherry trees look, something like this !

Sometime in the next few weeks, there will be a Sakura Matsuri at this location.

That's a Cherry Blossom Festival, for the English speaking audience.

Some of my friends, will be playing in a live band, at that event.

Not sure of the date and time, yet but, I will let everyone know, as soon as I can.

There will be plenty of liquid refreshments, entertainment and dancing, going on.

That's be a good time, to get your underwear in a uproar !