Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cherry Blossoms on Mt. Yaedake in Okinawa

Some Early Bloomers



The Okinawa Island Guide says the Sakura Festival starts January 23 2016.

From then until February 7th, Mount Yae, will be crawling with cars and tourists.

If you don't like fighting the crowds, take a camera and get up there, now !

trees, mountain, cherry blossoms, pink flowers

Yesterday, after shooting some plum blossoms, we went up the mountain. 

There were only a few people along the road, taking pictures.

That's because there aren't lots of cherry trees blooming, yet.

trees, cherry blossoms

It's fun, for me, to get up high in the hills and, shoot photos out in the fresh air.

One year, I met a pretty, blond haired gal named, Heidi up on that mountain. 

She was real friendly and, let me shoot a photo of her, too.

cherry blossoms, diagonal composition, green background

 Anytime, a pretty gal, let's me shoot her, I give them a free print.

So, now we're friends on Facebook and, she shoots some awesome photos, I found out.

horizontal composition, branches, flowers, cherry tree

Heidi contacted me and asked if, the sakura blossoms were opening yet.

So, I hollered back on Facebook, "Yup, I was up there yesterday."

trees, sakura, flowers, blossoms, buds
 And, I told her maybe, I'd post a few photos tonight if, I had time to do it.

One thing, I learned from having blond haired wives is, you don't lie to those women.

 I figured it'd be best if, I show these pictures so, she knows I ain't a liar.

ferns, cherrry blossoms, trees, flowers

Looking at these images, you might think Sakura Season is in full swing but, it isn't.

All these photos were taken at a focal length of 420MM.

A mathematician might say, the blossoms are at about 2 percent or, something like that.

We don't want Heidi, to go running up the mountain and, come back down, all angry at me.

Because, she's a blond and, I don't need any more black eyes.

For this Sakura Report my recommendation would be: Wait two more weeks.

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