Monday, January 4, 2016

First Official Work Day 2016 in Japan

Holidays Are Over



The schools re-opened and most people, throughout the country, went back to work today.

Some of them, throw a party at work, to celebrate having a job, I guess.

Well, I try to work everyday but, it was raining so, I couldn't do what I really love.

Nobody, I know, enjoys walking around with a camera in freezing rain.

writing, garden,old man, pen and paper,outdoors

 Pretending, I was doing something official, I took a few bags of garbage out of the office.

Then, I cut up some wall calendars, to use as writing paper.   

Did you know, you can get four pages out of each month of the year ?

There's no sense, in throwing perfectly good stuff away, when it can be reused.

In case, I never told you; I happen to hate writing.  It's a real chore, that's a pain in the neck !

Outside Is Where I Belong


Stuck in an office, makes people like me, miserable so, I had to think of something.

With the blank side of the calendar pages, attached to a clipboard, I got out.

There's a picnic table out behind my office and, it kept me out of the rain.

It's lots more fun, scribbling the old fashioned way than, typing on a keyboard.

Every now and then, I'd get up to stretch and, sniff the fresh air.

My iced coffee stayed cold plus, nobody saw me smoking cigarettes.  What a day !

If writer's block started sneaking up on me, I just shrugged it off.

Go look at all the green stuff in that rock garden for a minute or, two.

For some strange reason, it's relaxing, being out in the fresh air even, when it rains.

Before you know it, I had four pages of writing done.  They'll get typed someday.

There might be 1,000 words on those scraps of paper.  Who knows?

The word counter, will figure all that out, when I get around typing it into a document.

The Picture ?


Maybe, I'll print and frame, a great big one, to take home and hang in the kitchen.

Next time, one of those grandchildren complains about homework, I'll let them have it.

"Get used to it little suckers.  Grandpa has to do homework, too."


Kim said...

Ernest Hemingway would sit at his typewriter and peck out great novels. He set a goal for himself to write 750 words a day, so 1000 is very good.
And he didn't have the beauty of Okinawa to use as a backdrop.

RyukyuMike said...

Well, I ain't no Hemmingway, for sure. Now, you got me thinking, I better reduce my goal and, try for maybe, 200 words per day ?