Friday, January 15, 2016

Today I Shot Somebody Else's Pictures

Shawn Miller's Nature Therapy Photo Exhibition



It's happening right now and, this is one you won't want to miss.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, let me enter for free.

printed photos, exibition, Oiknawa OIST, wall

We call the place OIST for short and it's better than being in some UNESCO Castle, to me.

Once, I got handed a visitor's pass by the security guard, I could go anywhere.

All I really wanted to do, was find Shawn's photography, on display and do some shooting.

 They have little cards, below each image, showing scientific names.

It's not my job, give the nomenclature away, I was just taking photos today.

People should go there, themselves and, take notes if, they're curious about nature stuff.

beach, resort, crab, cup,ocean

Here's an image showing a crab, living in a home made from beach trash.

Shawn is a champion of nature and the environment and, wants to educate the public.

The crab, would have a seashell, for a home but, he's doing the best he can.

When, there's more garbage on the beach than, seashells, crabs have to improvise.

blue, coconut crab, cup, exibit, photo

Many of the species, Shawn photographs are, going extinct.

If people learned to appreciate nature, these critters can survive.

blue ocean, red coral

It would have been nice, to meet Shawn at this exhibit but, he wasn't available.

So, I just sneaked around and, shot some of the photos, I liked best.

clownfish, underwater, photo

If the photographer, was there, I would have bought him lunch.

Well, I ended up, saving money and, swiped some of his images, instead.

He, won't mind because, I'm trying to drum up some visitors for the exhibit.

Check This Deal Out



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Visit OIST and the Nature Therapy Exhibit and, you could win some of these photos.

Just go in there and, take a selfie, next to your favorite picture.

And, you have a chance to win some of Shawn Miller's prints !

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