Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flowers and Girls Online: They Got Everything !

It All Started Trying to Identify a Plant



Things were sorta iffy in the sky this morning so, I figured, "Don't wander too far."

A block down from the office, I took a photo of this plant in front of a restaurant.

Along with me, were some books, overdue by a few months, to take back to the library.

tiny white flowers, vines, leguminous, plant,image

The Kin Town Library, treats me like royalty for some strange reason.

The books I checkout aren't in big demand so, they allow me, to keep being tardy.

When one gal, couldn't find an ID for this flower, the whole library staff , jumped in to help.

flowers, stems, plants, legume

After awhile, I told them, "Maybe this plant is from a foreign country. I'll check online."

Leaving the library, a gal chased me down to tell me something.

She said she'd write the name down if, they found an identification and have it sent to me.

Next, I walked to a flower shop, to see if they could ID the plant, viewed on my camera.

No luck there so, I would have to rely on the good old internet search.  Groan

On Facebook, I have a contact, who's usually the expert, at these sort of things.

He said, it was a tough one but, maybe if, I tried leguminous plants, I could find it.

Wiki Dude tells me Leguminosae or Fabaceae, covers thousands of plants.

And, I looked at 1,377 thumbnails of flowers, just on one website.  Ouch

How Did Hot Chicks Get in There ?


After I started throwing Latin names into my searches, things seemed easier.

Some Flickr-looking site had, much larger thumbnail photos, to look at.

This plant, for now will be called a Desmodium laxum or something like that.

It also, looks like some sort of Lotus australis or a hybrid of one.

At the bottom of every page containing flower photos, were the girls.

They were humongous ads, larger than the flower photos and, said stuff like:

The Most Dazzling Singles Are Waiting for You !

This Bombshell Wants a New Boyfriend

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These Asian Girls Are Like Exotic Candies !

These Flirty Russians Will Seduce You in an Instant

flower, white, leguminous, stem, plant
 Well, I tell ya, it was crazy, trying to identify this flower, there were so many.

Before you know it, I'm on page 49 or 50 of that site.

And, I picked some names for this plant, way back on page 41 or something like that.

Now, I'm wondering if, all those gals could see me online.

It's been so long since I dated a gal like that, my hyphen's growing back !

If you have nothing better to do, visit THIS SITE and, see it all.


Cathy Sweeney said...

You are so funny. The flower pics are beautiful -- as always -- but I love those ads. Watch out for those "flirty Russians", Mike.

RyukyuMike said...

Cathy Sweeney,
Aw, you know, I wouldn't wanna be caught with one of them !