Monday, January 11, 2016

Flower Photo: Flame Lily -- A Beauty that Can Kill You !

Gloriosa, flower, green tile roof

Checkout the Brilliant Colors



While, you're at it, memorize the looks of this plant and flower and seeds.

Anything you eat off this vegetation is fairly poisonous, I learned today. 

Every part of the plant, including the roots, is loaded with colchicine; some toxic stuff.

red and yellow flower, Flame Lily

There are twelve species of this plant in the Gloriosa family.

This one, looks like a Gloriosa superba, to me but, I'm not really a plant scientist.

Encyclopedia of Life says, some dummies, use the plant for suicide !

Those people are nuts.  They're not very good at solving their own problems, I bet.

Okinawan tiled roof, Fire Lily, flowers, leaves, vine

This traditional Okinawan house with a green-tiled roof, made the plant stand out.

So, I shot it from a few different angles, to show off the flowers.

Then, I asked a man, walking down the street, what the plant's name might be.

He, didn't know but, agreed, it was a nifty looking flower.

It can be called a Flame Lily, Fire Lily Gloriosa Lily, Superb Lily or, Climbing Lily.

It's sometimes called a Creeping Lily, too and, I like that name best.

The thing gives me the creeps so, I won't go back to take more pictures of it, ever again !

Learn more about this flower at EOL or, Wikipedia if, you like them.


Unknown said...

There is nothing better than shooting photos !

Unknown said...

For being such a creepy plant it sure, had some optimal looks !

RyukyuMike said...

Agreed. Shooting them is the best part of the day. The computer stuff afterwards, is the downside !

Unknown said...

Michael, I actually like the computer stuff better. It always gives me a sense of accomplishment and, its fun too !

Yours truly,

RyukyuMike said...

Michael Lunch,
More power to you, for liking the computer stuff. I'd rather be outdoors, shooting.