Friday, January 8, 2016

Plum Blossoms in Oshittai (オーシッタイ) Okinawa

Bloom Report # 1 for 2016



Weeks ago, we began visiting to check on the plum trees.

But, I didn't bother taking many pictures because, there weren't any flowers.

trees, flowers, plum blossoms

Well, we got a little surprise, going up there today; the things are starting to sprout. 

Before you go hopping in the family wagon, to drive up there, let me tell you:

These photos were taken with 420MM of lens on the end of the camera.

branches, trees, flowers

Most of the trees, don't have as many flowers, as you see, in this photo.

Remember, photographers, do tricky stuff, to make travelers, want to visit.

So, I'm kind of selective, in the subjects I decide to waste my digital film on.

greens, reds, white, trees, flowers, branches

The things, I look for are colors, contrast and light that will make the flowers pop.

Sometimes, my body gets all contorted and, I block traffic coming down the roads.

The 85% of the trees that are barren and bare, don't catch my attention.

tree, branches, plum blossoms

Sometimes, I fill the photo frame and make it look like a thousand flowers are on every tree.

It's just a little teaser, that might inspire you to go see them. Hah !

plum  blossoms, branch, tree

 A real good writer, would give a description of the flowers smell.

To me, they smell sweet but, I don't know how to describe it so, go find out for yourself.

Er, I could say, "They smelled like a lady, wearing too damn much perfume!"

bee, flowers, buds, plum blossoms, branches

Bees are attracted to the blossoms and, there are beehives nearby.

So, if you have an allergy, you might want to wear some protection; like a beekeeper's suit.

white flower, plum blossom, branch, tree

The road, these trees line, is pretty narrow and, two cars can barely pass each other.

By the time local media visit and report, the flowers are in full bloom, it gets crazy.

That's why, I like to go shoot photos, early in the season.

plum blossoms, flowers, trees, branches, buds

Maybe, I'll head up that way again, tomorrow to do some more shooting.

But, there's no way, I'll visit when the trees are in full bloom.

So many folks drive up there, it can take two hours, just getting in and out of the place.

road, signs, Oshitta, 4Km

Not very good at giving directions, here's what I did for those who want to visit.

The image above, you will see if, you are driving north along the east coast of the island.

The white sign says, "Oshitta 4Km to the left."  And, I Geo-tagged the image.

If you are one of those Geo-type people, you can see the stuff on Google Plus, I think.

Coming from the north of Okinawa, along the east coast, you'd see this sign.

Oshitta, would be a right hand turn of the coastal highway. And, that's where the trees are.

Latitude: 26.589

Longitude: 128.096

That's the best directions, I can give for now. I have an idea for tomorrow, though.

Maybe, I'll count all the coffee machines, along the way.

Then, I could give everybody some proper, redneck-style directions.

For example:  There must be 3,792 coffee machines between here and Naha Airport.

And, that's just counting the ones, one the left side of the road !

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