Monday, February 6, 2012

Ten Photos: The 2012 Okinawa International Orchid (蘭) Show

These photos were taken in the Tropical Dream Center at the 2012 Okinawa International Orchid (蘭) Show held every year in Motobu Town's Expo Park.

From the second you walk through the doors, it's like stepping into another world.

Some of the orchids had gold frames in front of them.  Great for photography !

The types of different orchids must be in the thousands.

It's best to just wander around and not worry about memorizing all the flowers names.
Just when I was starting to think I could look at a flower and tell it was an orchid.....
.....along comes these guys that look like some kind of fuzzy red or yellow caterpillar.
They are orchids, too !
This Black Cherry Orchid was my favorite.
If you see the owner tell them RyukyuMike made this orchid the winner and I'll hook them up with a free picture of it.  I'm not exactly an Orchid Judge, or anything but,
I did win a beer chugging contest, once.
That should count for something.
Down along the red carpet is where you see all the winners.
It' will be awhile before I get the next 200 photos developed and ready to post here.
These ten photos should give you an idea what may be seen at an orchid (蘭) show.



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