Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Real Angry Caterpillar Causes an Extremely Short Photo Essay

This caterpillar-looking creature caught my eye when I was visiting a waterfall in northern Okinawa, Japan.  
It was crawling on a wooden post that supports the stairs and handrails leading up out of the falls.

Whenever I find a new critter, I've never seen before, I like to get plenty of photos from every possible angle.  That makes the process of identification a lot easier.

Well, this caterpillar didn't like the camera being pointed at him, I guess.

It was hard to decide whether it was grinning or growling when it looked at me.

But, I figured out he was a real angry caterpillar when he struck this pose.

Being this is Okinawa, that guy could know karate.

So, I went home.

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