Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ten More Photos: The Okinawa International Orchid (蘭) Show

Here it is ten days later and I just finished developing all the flower photos from the 2012 Okinawa International Orchid (蘭) Show.

Ten more, never seen before, orchid photos that I'm posting on the blog because I said I would.

These photos are in the sequence I shot them as I was going through the place.  Normally,  you'd put your best shot first in the series to attract visitors.  But, I'm tired of looking at flowers right now so, I'll just throw them on here and let you tell me which photo you think is the best.  Hah !

It was hard to believe, they had a piano in the place.  I figured out why that red rope was there, too.

It's not like I wanted tp play the thing or anything like that.

When this gal that worked there saw me sneaking around, they sent a staff person to tail me wherever I went the rest of the day.

All I was gonna do was take off my flip flops and stand on top of the thing to compose a shot like nobody else would get.

What'd they think I was, some sort of animal ?

Anyway, I guess you aren't supposed to play the piano, or stand on top of it, either.

Just to prove I'm a regular guy, I let some people appear in my photos.

Then, when they got out of the scene, I quit biting my tongue and shot the photos they way I wanted to. Do you like peope in your pictures ?

Here you go, another flowers and people photo.

The lighting inside these buildings is a bit challenging but, it sure beats being outdoors on a cold and windy February day.

Just when I thought no one was looking, I managed to climb up on something for this shot.

But, I got caught and apologized.  And, put my flip flops back on again.

The rest of the day, I stayed on the ground.

The next time I go back up to the Tropical Dream Center

I'll let that gal pick out her favorite photo and print one for her.

Who knows ?  Maybe she'll let me stand on the piano, next year !


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