Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When I'm Hungry: Where's the Beef ? Short Rant/Photo Essay


Hungry Cameraman Needs Red Meat



There's nothing wrong with the vegetarian crowd.  I ain't pokin' fun at you.

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of my diet.

But, I'm carnivorous, too.

After hiking a few hills in the northern part of Okinawa, it gets hungry outside.

And, my stomach starts dreaming about woofin' down a big, juicy lunch.

The best hamburger in Okinawa would be nice, is what Map It Okinawa and I were thinking.

Once, I saw a dude eat two of them in one sitting.  

Four or five times we got to the Toto La Bebe place and couldn't get in.

They must have changed their hours of operation.  What a bummer.

With juicy, red meat on our minds and stomachs growling, we headed to Nago City.

Then stopped by the Cafe Gusto.  I've had hamburgers here before.

It's a really fancy place so, I hid in the corner.

When the waitress came by I asked for a hamburger. But, they don't serve them anymore.

What you do then, if you want a decent meal is this:

Point at whatever looks good on the menu that is within your wallet's capability.

Some sort of hamburger-tasting thing was on my plate, covered with a diet sauce.

It tasted alright.  I woofed it down too fast to take a photo.

Probably, should have ordered two.  Because I left there saying...

...where's the beef ?


Ghostwriter66 said...

What a bummer. It sucks when no matter what you cant get the food you want.

RyukyuMike said...

Not a problem, just slight delay in finding the right stuff.