Monday, April 8, 2013

The Critters of UNESCO World Heritage Shuri Castle Pond

This Part of the Castle is Free


Today, the mission was supposed to be take pictures of a building on the pond.

The wildlife lens got left behind because, no critters were going to be shot.

Walking to the site Doc Graff and I  spotted these animals.

And he knows what that means.  Castle buildings can wait.

Because, I can be like a little kid in a candy store when there are critters around.

This turtle looked like he was trying to hitch a ride. That's what I'd tell the kids, anyway.

Moving around the pond, we saw all kinds and colors of fish.

The big ones are carp.  The little guys and turtles seemed to get along fine with them.

Nobody would pose so, plenty of digital film was used to capture these shots.

Who cares about UNESCO stuff, when these beauties are putting on a show ?

Not me.

The golden one was my favorite.

When I realized, about an hour later, we had to get moving, we ran across these ducks.

Some gals were feeding them.

Look at those little rascals.  

Click, Click, Click.  There was no sense passing this opportunity up.

Waiting for one to separate from the herd was the hardest part.

Just in case the boss thinks I wasn't at the Shuri Castle Pond, I took this photo.

Now I know, it can be called Ryutan Pond or, Iyugumui and, they made it in 1427.

Another thing.  I took five or six photos of the building, I was supposed to shoot.

  Got over 300 pictures of critters, though.

If you visit Shuri Castle you shouldn't miss this pond.

Everything there was FREE !

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