Friday, April 5, 2013

Demon Fighting on a Rainy Day in Okinawa (Photos)

Old People: Don't Try This at Home


It all started when someone shared this through StumbleUpon.

School girls in Japan are making these awesome photos.

They get these whacky ideas from watching the manga movies Dragon Ball.

Being a photographer, you have to keep-up with the latest.

Not just in buying camera gear.  You have to keep up with new Photography trends to stay competitive.

A rainy day, in Okinawa, is just what was needed to wrestle with this demon.

The demon: Figure out how those kids do Makankousappou"魔貫光殺法" stuff.

It's best , before going to the local high school with a bright idea, to experiment, I figure.

To convince the girls gym teacher, this would be a neat idea to try....

I better act like I know what I'm talking about.

So, I closed all the doors and windows in my office. Didn't want to scare any by-passers.

Then, I practiced fighting demons.

It would probably be a good idea to stretch and warmup before doing this.

Those imaginary demons can do a number on you. But, I ain't scared a nuthin' !

Confront them with all your might.

Take a little breather, if you really need to and, get back in the fight.

Before long, I will have this art mastered.  It just takes practice.

They are all out of here, for now.

But, if those demons return tomorrow, I'll be ready.  

I just hope the wife can find my tube of Bengay.

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