Friday, April 5, 2013

Camera Stroll Through Heiwa Dori Naha Okinawa (Photos)

12 Photos to Inspire the Shoppers


At least once a month Yahoo emails asking for shopping articles to be written.

They are asking the wrong person.  Because, I don't like shopping.

Photos of what you see in the local shops may help you decide if you want to become a shopper.

They have some colors in the materials that just scream at you.

"Take my picture!"

So, after I ask permission, I shoot them.

Heiwa Dori is just one of the side streets off of the International Avenue.

There is a maze of covered streets that you can get lost in walking around down there.

Back in the old days, after the war, lots of people called this Black Market Alley.

Some enterprising GI's could get rich, smuggling stuff off the base, to sell.

Those days are gone.  Who wants an old Hershey's bar from Christmas ?

Both sides of the street are lined with these kinds of shops.

It's best to go through early, before crowds of tourists start showing-up.

The people are all friendly.  Some, don't mind posing for a photo.

Others, I just wait 'til they aren't looking, then, shoot.

That gal, I showed her this photo. She was a beauty.  That's all you need to know.

Those dimly-lit places get to me after awhile so, I shot some kimonos, to wake myself up.

Glassware, pottery and seashell trinkets are hot-selling souvenirs, I guess.

Herbs and spices seem to be popular with travelers from other parts of Asia, too.

You can buy ready-made kimonos or, material, to make your own.

It got me thinking when I saw this character on a kimono.

Wouldn't that look cool on a tuxedo ?

For anyone who would like a video tour of the Naha Market, I found this:

TheBladeChef guy who made it cracked me up !

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