Monday, April 22, 2013

Wildlife Photos: White-cheeked Startling (Sturnus cineraceus)

Photos from Ie Jima, Okinawa, Japan


Fairly popular in China, Japan and Korea, we don't see these birds on the island of Okinawa. 

 Map It Okinawa spotted them and told me some yellow-billed birds were at the village office.

So, when he said he wanted to go explore, somewhere else, I told him to leave me behind.

Wild stuff takes priority, with me, every time.

 There's a saying photographers have. "The lens you leave at home will be the one you need."

It's true.

Not planning on shooting any critters, I left the Sigma 50-500 behind.

 All these shots were made with a Pentax 18-250mm.

When I don't know what kind of bird it is, I take plenty of shots, from all angles.

None of these photos will go anywhere in a contest.

But, they gave me enough information to have the bird experts give me a positive ID.

The Stumus cineraceus is also called a Grey Startling.

In Japanese it would be Mukudori: ムクドリ(椋鳥).

Friends over at Wikipedia say these birds inspired some Pokemon stuff.

Not really up to date on the pop-culture scene, I have to take their word for it.

The closest thing, I do, related to pop-cult, is open an occasional bottle.  POP.

 After all the crowds leave Ie Jima's Lily Festival, I may hop a boat going back over there.

Next time, I'll bring the right lens and shoot an award-winning photo of this bird.

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