Monday, April 15, 2013

Discovered Another Castle and Got a Surprise (Images)

For Now Just Call It Wee Castle


Today preliminary investigation was begun on this castle I found a few weeks ago.

The place has been around for centuries, I'm sure but, it's a new one, to me.

Call it Wee, Oui, or whatever you prefer.

The sign at the entrance says, ウイ グシク.

It was the wrong time of day for outdoor photography so, I'll just give you a peek.

From this old rickety platform you can look out to sea.  That's the East China Sea.

There will be more on this castle at a later date.

The surprise ?

You will have to examine the next two photos carefully to see what else I discovered.

Going up the hill to the castle there were lots of butterflies, mosquitoes and weeds.

Next time, I will remember the insect repellent.

See that mosquito, about an inch behind the butterfly ?

Well, the dang thing went after it.

Now, I've seen mosquitoes bite people, dogs, cows, horses and even me.

Who would have thought they bite butterflies, too ?

What I'm really hoping, is they weren't mating or, anything like that.

I didn't hang around the castle long enough to find out.

That would be an awful thing if they developed a hybrid mosquito with big butterfly wings.

It would be a lot easier to swat them when you saw them coming, though.

For now, let's just hope the little pest just bit the butterfly.

You'll sleep better !

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