Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RyukyuMike TripAdvisor Photos Selected by Property Owners

Ten Travel Photos 


It didn't surprise me when I got the first email from TripAdvisor, about one of my photos.

There's a good chance an owner will select your picture to represent their property.

Especially, when no one else has reviewed the place or, taken a photo of it.

Little Kitchen in Kin-cho

Back in August 2012, I did a review on this place and gobbled down that garlic chicken dinner.

This was the first of my photos selected by a property owner, to represent their business.

That reminds me, I haven't been there in a while.

Maybe, I'll sneak out of the office early today.

Here's another location, that had never before been reviewed, I'll be visiting again.

It's actually a small museum but, I can't get enough of it.

Hardly a month goes by before I start craving one of this restaurant's beef steak dinners.

 They serve my favorite beer, Orion, too.

Ice cream is what I go there for but, Blue Seal is rated #1 of 12 restaurants in that town.

Yambaru Wildlife Center

Located up in Kunigami-son, way north of here, this place is another favorite of mine.

They don't serve any food but, are the experts on wild plants and critters.

So, the place makes my mouth water, anyway.

Why the owners of Mt. Yonaha selected this photo, beats me.

This is just a miniature landslide I walked by. 

If they want something to scare hikers away, I could submit a much larger one.

Maybe, they just want to show the terrain can get rough.

And, they want travelers to see, it isn't very flip-flop friendly.

Captain Kangaroo in Nago

These guys must really like me.  Why else would they select my photo ?

All they got from me was a 3 star rating and "... Ain't What It Used to BE."

In the review, I did mention maybe they were having a "bad chef day."

If they replaced that Tartar Sauce with some real special sauce, I'd go back and do another review.

For this photo, I should have stretched out a tape measure, to give a sense of scale.

That is one humongous platter you are looking at.

Left side of the frame and halfway up, see that carrot ?

It is so large in diameter, it could cover my beer mug and, not fall-in !

Chef Satoshi, makes the food look, almost too pretty to eat.

But, we ate everything, anyway.

Don't try to pronounce this when you are chewing something.

It is really just a road station, on a causeway leading to Henza Island in Uruma.

So, instead of calling it a road station; it's a ocean or, sea station.

Anyone driving to Okinawa's outer islands should be sure to visit this place.

Unbelievably tender steaks and pretty girls.  Who needs sightseeing ?

They only way to get a picture, with no motion blur, in this place, would be after hours.

The food is fresh and delicious but, buffet-style, it goes fast.

When I've been there, in the past, I forgot all about the cameras and gobbled down the food, too.

The day I shot this photo, I remember well.

That's because, I decided to just take pictures and, not eat.

Some manager-type kept hinting at an employee, "Get that old geezer and make him pay."

Well, the gal left me alone, thank my lucky stars.

Real quick-like, I snapped a few photos and ran.  I wasn't hungry.

Next time I go back over that way I'll make up for it and pig-out.  OK ?

Plenty more of my photos and honest opinions about Okinawa's treasures may be seen on TripAdvisor.


MoreThingsJapanese said...

Congrats on the recognition of your work. It must be hard running around to all those places, taking pictures, eating, writing... Of course its hard, but you do it so well!cripanad 1925

RyukyuMike said...

Arigattogoziamus !