Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Quick Trip to the Blue Lagoon: Islands not Far From Here

Ever Wonder What Causes A Blue Lagoon ?


Many times, I've rode across the bridge between Henza and Miyagi Islands in Okinawa.

The water in this area has a different color than any seawater I've ever seen.

Finally, one day last week, I got out with the cameras and walked around.

Critters, is what I always look for because I love nature.

So, I shot this butterfly.

Here's what I call the Blue Lagoon.

The photo was taken from the Miyagi Island side and I can see the Kin Powerplant.

The left side of the frame shows, just a tad of Henza Island.

Turning around, I snapped this photo to give you a better view of Henza.

That's not a resort you're looking at up there.  It's some sort of oil storage and refinery place.

Besides that pretty blue water, there are all kinds of things you can find at the Blue Lagoon.

Electrical supplies, auto parts, beer mugs and computer components are there for the taking.

This is only the stuff you can see on the surface.

It's still a mystery, to me, what may have turned the water blue.

But, I can tell you, no wildlife hangout around there.

Today, I did a little snooping around on the world wide web and found something interesting.

A company from Singapore wants to buy all that oil stuff, up there on Henza.

By pure coincidence, I learned, it hit the news on March 22, 2013.

Eighty Million Dollars, they are offering for the refinery.

And, another Five-hundred Million Dollars for the oil and stocks at the joint.

Y'all oil company and travel people need to contact me.

For under One Million US Dollars I can tell you how to turn this place in to a tourist attraction.

Folks need to get out of the office and go where the flip-flops meet the road.

The idea for this sweet deal came from:  Bloomberg Businessweek.


Okispice said...

My thoughts are that if Singapore buys it, they will turn it into the Number One refinery in the world AND earn money off it as a top travel destination. They roll that way.

RyukyuMike said...

That's good news to hear. Hopefully, things will turn out as you predicted !