Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bright Red Lilies in a Rock Garden (8 Photos)

Almost in My Backyard


These brilliant red lilies started opening a few days ago, right behind my office.

Normally, I wouldn't hop somebody's fence to get into their rock garden.

But, nobody was home so, I did.

 It reminds me, I have to get some information on the Lily Festival going this month.

That's over on Ie Jima, an island not far from Okinawa.

They have something like a million white lilies on display every year.

 Have you ever seen a red lily before ?

They must have a different scientific name for these plants, than those white Easter Lilies.

For these first three photos, I just handheld the Canon G12

Playing around with the manual settings, I shot a few different compositions.

There Was Still Nobody Home


So, I decided to put the Canon away and bring out the Pentax and tripod.

It looks a lot more professional and people probably won't think you're a thief.

There is just one lily plant in the whole rock garden, as far as I can tell.

I monkeyed around with some settings and compositions.

But, had to keep looking over my shoulder, to make sure nobody was coming.

Really, I'm no expert at shooting flowers so, I make all kinds of shots.

When it comes to jumping fences though, I do alright.

Did I ever mention that time I escaped.......... ?

Never-mind.  You don't want to know.

As soon as I figured I had enough bright red lily photos, I jumped back over the fence.

Then, put the cameras away and went back with a broom.

There were flip-flop tracks in the dirt.  I had to get rid of all the evidence.

Wouldn't it be fun, having me as a neighbor ?

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