Friday, April 10, 2015

10 Travel Scenes from Ike Castle (いけい グスク) in Okinawa

seaside, castle trail, entrance

Best to Enter at Low Tide



The trail leading up to this site begins at sea level.

If you don't like getting your feet wet, wait for the tide to go out. I didn't.

path, gusuku, trail

A castle in Okinawa, is known as a gusuku.

If you have trouble finding the place, just ask the folks at Ike Beach, where the gusuku is.

stairs, yellow handrails

Right across the street from the tourist beach is this trail.

It's on a not-so-touristy beach.

Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.  Flip-flops are dangerous.

handrails, trail, jungle, steps

Notice the bright yellow handrails. They help in climbing the stairs.

jungle, trail, stairs, yellow handrail

Plan on spending an hour climbing and returning along this path.

It is the only way to get up and down to see all of the the gusuku.

ocean view

A few places along the way, you can stop and enjoy the ocean view.

For me, it's an opportunity to catch the breeze, my breath and some photos.

shrine, jungle

Nearing the peak of the climb is this shrine.

The red roof makes bright contrast with the jungle background.

The trail to the top of the gusuku continues, off to the left of this shrine.

Don't take the path leading past this shrine, unless you are an archaeologist.

When I see people digging up bones and shards of pottery, I go somewhere else.

Call me a pedestrian.

trail, jungle

No more handrails or stairs, means you are nearing the top.

shrine, seashells, coins

Once you see this small shrine, you have completed the hike.

Here and, at the lower shrine some offerings of coins may have been made.

This shrine contains lots of seashells, too.

ocean view, handrail, jungle path

The entire trip lasts about an hour and gives your hiking shoes a great workout.

A visit to this castle is a good way to spend some time outdoors in nature.

And, the best part of the deal: It's Free !

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