Sunday, April 5, 2015

Flowers from Kijoka for the Ladies -- Men Stuck Eating Steaks

Day Two in the Iris Fields



A second trip this week had to be made to capture more purple beauties.

Map It Okinawa Dude and, I drove up north this morning under questionable skies.

iris, flowers,fields

Fortunately, the rain clouds blew by and we had sunshine as we reached Ogimi.

For today's trip, I brought along an additional, wide angle lens.

purple iris,flowers

When it comes to flower photography, I'm not too imaginative.

field, flowers, blossoms

What you get from me, is either bunches of flowers...

one iris flower

... or, I just single out one or two.

iris fields in bloom

Quick tours around the acres of land are made, snapping away on the shutter.

iris field, flowers, mountains

The purpose of my photography, is to make you want something.

It's supposed to make you wish, you could be here.

Imagine being here, sniffing all these fresh flowers and, snapping pictures, too.

Blue skies and sunshine. Yay !

 Armloads of these flowers, freshly cut, were delivered to my special ladies, too.

A Working Man Needs Nourishment





restaurant, parking lot


 Leaving the northern areas brought me here, for the second day in a row.

Road Station Kyoda  (道の駅」許田) is in Nago City, on the way home.

restaurant outside view

This is an establishment, I have stopped at many times.

And, never could figure out, why it is always so busy.

steak, onions, potatoes

Deciding to splurge, I ordered garlic steak.

soup and salad

 Reasonably priced, it included rice, soup and salad.

At 1000 yen, that's just about 10 dollars; not bad.

Maybe, I'll do a TripAdvisor Review on this place.



Things I Never Knew About this Road Station






It was the first, the very first, Road Stand (Michi no Eki) to open, in Okinawa.

Tickets for travel attractions in northern areas, are sold at discounts here.

A lottery ticket stand, located here, is considered to be a good luck spot.

So many people have won with tickets purchased here, the word got around.

Over a billion and a half yen worth of prizes came from this lottery stand !

Thousands of fresh food items, souvenirs and trinkets are available, too.

The next time I drop in, I won't be buying any of that stuff.

Locally produced fruits and pottery are alright for some folks.

Lottery tickets, nah.  I don't gamble.

But, garlic steaks. Yum.  I'll be back again and, soon. 


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