Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Bird Called Munaguro (ムナグロ) in Japan

Pacific Golden Plover



These birds are natives of the Tundra which migrate to the Pacific islands.

They are similar to the American Golden Plover but, don't interbreed.

Pluvialis fulva is the species Latin name.

Pacific Golden Plover in field

Today's travels convinced me, longer lenses need to be ordered.

This series of photos was captured using a 300mm.

Golden-Plover, bird

The birds move around the fields in flocks.

It seems that one of them is always watching for approaching strangers.

golden-colored birds, pair

Move any closer than a few hundred yards and, the whole flock takes to the skies.

Male, Pacific Golden Plover, water potato field

A good part of the day was spent chasing these birds.

They kept moving from rice paddies to taro imo (water potato) fields. 

bird, Golden Plover, field

They are pretty fancy birds, with all that black and gold coloring.

It makes finding them a challenge when they hit the wetlands.

Learn more about these migratory birds at:

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