Friday, April 24, 2015

Hiji Waterfall (比地大滝) A Most Refreshing Climb

waterfall, GIF

Nature Lovers Don't Pass This One Up



The plan today was to photograph some birds at the falls.

There are hundreds of steps going up and down along the trail leading to the waterfall.

stairway, rope railings

They say it's about an hour and a half hike, round trip.

It's probably best to do this before you turn 60 or, you will feel the burn in your legs.

Hiji River, rocks, flowing water

The complete tour take me about three hours.

Remember, I'm a cameraman and, looking for rare birds to shoot.

So, I move more slowly than most people.

Inhaling the scents of the forest and listening to the roar of the stream, I climb slowly.

Hiji Waterfall, view from end of trail

Waterfalls are always relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Somehow, it makes you feel like air-conditioning never needed to be invented.

Several different compositions of this scene were photographed.

Up to this point, not one bird was ever seen. Not a good day.

white caterpillar, GIF

This caterpillar was starting to look like the only wildlife subject, I'd see today.

Being out in the woods, soaking up some nature was fun.

But, I wanted to go home with some bird photos not, caterpillars and waterfalls.

Erithacus komadori, Ryukyu Robin

Halfway back down the trail, my dreams came true.

Here's a Ryukyu Robin, the bird that just made my day.

More about this species at Avibase

Trip Advisor:Hiji Waterfall in Kunigami Okinawa Japan 

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Unknown said...

Great post. Been there enough times, and have pretty much decided that I don't need to go there again. But, your blog makes me want to do it.... just one more time.