Saturday, April 18, 2015

This Little Bird Whacks a Fish to Death

Common Kingfisher, fish,gif

The Kingfisher Takes Its Prey Back to a Perch



Here's one smacking a little fish on a rock to kill it before gulping it down.

If the fish were alive, it might spread its fins to keep from being swallowed.

The bird doesn't want to choke on a live fish, refusing to be eaten.

Once the fish stops fighting and is sort of pulverized, down the hatch it goes.

 This is the Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis).

It is also known as a River Kingfisher or, Eurasian Kingfisher.

In Japanese, it is called a Kawasemi (カワセミ).

Learn more about this bird at the following sites:

A wetland wildlife site in Singapore gave me this information, deserving of a quote:

"Before eating a fish, the bird will hold it by its tail and whack it to death against the perch,

 particularly fishes with poky fins.

Otherwise, the live fish may extend its fins in the bird's throat, choking it, sometimes to death."

Japanese readers may wish to visit Okinawa-kaeru 

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