Saturday, April 4, 2015

Iris Fields Blooming in Kijoka -- Now's the Time to Visit

10 Flower Photos from Today's Travels




The weather may be a bit windy and cloudy, at times but, the view is magnificent.

If you like purple blossoms, you'll love these.

purple and yellow Iris, flower

The official flower reports are saying, full bloom takes place this weekend and next.

My unscientific estimate says the fields are blooming over 70% right now.

If you've been living anywhere near snow country, these flowers will soothe your eyes.

They bounce around, a little bit in the wind.

It's more fun, trying to photograph flowers in the wind than it is, shoveling snow !

It's best to get out there and visit before the end of this month.

Before too long, rainy season will hit Okinawa.

A typhoon could sneak up on us and, blow all these blossoms away.

They sell these long-stemmed flowers at unbelievably low prices.

Five of them cost less than a cup of coffee !

Visit Goya Republic or, Map It Okinawa for directions and details.


Muza-chan said...

Beautiful photos (^_^)

RyukyuMike said...

Muza-chan, Thanks, I may be going back for more today !