Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ladder Fern -- Some Photos and Facts

Cordifolia auriculata, ferns

A Plant with Several Common Names



Farmers grow acres of these bright green plants, in Okinawa.

They are used primarily in landscaping and, flower arrangements, known as ikebana.

Tamashida (タマシダ) is what the locals would call the fern.

Sword Fern, Herringbone Fern and Fishbone Fern are some other names you could use.

field of ferns

Research gave me two Latin names.

Nephrolepis auriculata and Nephrolepis cordifolia, are synonyms for this fern.

ferns accent other plants

The plants don't produce any flowers.

They spread by way of underground tubers and, reproductive spoors under the leafs.

Native to Australia and Asia, the plants are pests in New Zealand and Florida.

close-up of ferns

Experience has taught me something about vegetation.

When a plant becomes a pest, humans usually had something to do with the situation.

Ferns don't go around disrupting the earth; people might, though.

Pros and Cons from the gardeners, with this plant, are worth reading.

They probably couldn't escape from planters, too easily, if you keep an eye on them.

fern field

In Hawaii this plant is called Kupukupu.

It can grow on trees and stone walls.  It makes a good ground cover and controls weeds.

One Man's Weed Is Another Man's Treasure



It looks to me like some folks let this plant get out of control.

Just look at the green in these images and, relax your tired eyes for a few minutes.

Some gal in Japan, figured out how to decorate her hair with these fern.

People calling these ferns weeds, need to get educated ! 

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