Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flower Photo: White Trumpet Lily -- AKA Easter Lily

A Wildflower in the Ryukyu Islands



Returning from an uneventful morning, chasing birds, I spotted this lily.

This year, I skipped the Lily Festival on Iejima.

And, Easter passed by, before I realized the holiday had occurred.

Easter Lily, flower, buds

Teppouyuri (テッポウユリ) in Japanese



An American soldier took bulbs from this plant, in Okinawa, to Oregon in 1919.

Soon, they were being produced and sold commercially in North America.

The Easter Lily capital of the world is now on the west coast of the USA.

Over 90% of the potted Easter lilies are started on just 10 farms from California to Oregon.

People in Hawaii, figured out how to save the plants and, grow their own.

The scientific name for this flower is Lilum longiflorum.

If you are a cat person: Caution These Plants Are Poisonous to Cats !

In Australia, they tell you how doctors treat cats who ate these flowers.

In Japan, we just say,  sayonara !

For those who managed to read this far, a bonus:

Japanese readers visit Wildlife Okinawa

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