Thursday, April 2, 2015

These Birds Are Members of the Turdus Family

birds, Dusky Thrush

Dusky Thrush is the common name for the critters.

Turdus eunomus, bird

The scientific community would call them Turdus eunomus.

bird, thrush, standing in field

A handy chart at Birds of the World helped me identify this species.

They could be on their way back to Siberia now that Spring has arrived.

That's what, I learned from the folks at Avibase.

Dusky Thrush, posing in field

Plenty of photos were taken because, I have never seen birds like this before.

It would have been a good idea to carry a zoom lens.

The birds wouldn't let me get too close before they flew away.

And, all I had to shoot with was a 300mm lens.

bird, Turdus eunomus

Plenty of websites were checked to make sure, I had a correct ID.

Somebody, in Japan, even made a video of this bird, eating a worm.

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