Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ryukyu Robin or Akahige (アカヒゲ) Animated GIF

bird,male, Ryukyu Robin

A series of five images were combined to make this GIF.

This bird had its mouth full of what appeared to be worms and spiders.

It was located about halfway up the trail leading to Hiji waterfall.

Now is the time of year these birds stay close to the nests.

They are guarding the little ones and,  gathering grub to feed them. 

For the serious birding audience, I found an interesting link.

The Ryukyu Robin is called Erithacus komadori by many scientists.

Japan's researchers call it Luscinia komadori.

As if the world doesn't already have enough problems now, we have this rare bird.

The scientific community can resolve this without going to war, I hope.

Just keep calling it Akahige, is what I plan on doing.




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