Thursday, April 23, 2015

Unidentified Baby Turtle Gets Put Back in the Mud

small turtle, freshly plowed rice field

The Little Amphibian Could Have Been Crushed



It was out on a newly paved stretch of road down by the rice paddies.

This morning, I was in the fields before any farmers showed up, with the camera.

turtle, paved road

Initially, it just looked like a clump of mud that had flown off a tractor tire.

And, I walked on past it.

When I stopped to have a can of iced coffee, the dirt ball was watching me.

After a few snaps of the shutter, I decided we should get off the road.

baby turtle, mud

Down a slippery bank of clay, into the rice paddy we went.

Trying to get closer to the turtle's eye level, I wound up sitting in the mud.

turtle crawling, field

The little creature must have been camera shy and, decided it was time to go.

turtle enters rice paddy

A few seconds of crawling in the dirt and, it disappeared into the freshly planted rice field.

Now that I'm back in the office, I realize what I should have done.

It's easier to identify a turtle if, you look at it from all angles.

Next time, I find a turtle I'll remember to turn the thing upside down.

That way, I can take a picture of its belly.
And, it won't be able to escape so quickly !

Update: Turtle Identified



Alert Reader and Friend of Nature, Shawn Miller provided this information:

Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

Geoemyda japonica is an Endangered Species.

Ryukyuyamagame (リュウキュウヤマガメ) is the Japanese title for this animal.


Okinawa Kearu Net

ICUN Red List of Threatened Species

The Turtle Room

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