Friday, November 20, 2015

A Peek Inside the Uchinaa Farm in Mabuni Itoman

The Plan Was to Arm Wrestle a Sloth



A few weeks ago, the Japan Update, informed me about this place.

All excited about a zoo, where you could pet a buffalo and a sloth, I've been aching to go.

Well, things didn't turn out as expected, but, I had some fun, anyway.

girl, pony, horses, wooden fences

 Best Part First

The girl, walking a pony, in front of the horses corral, gave me permission to shoot her.

The sun was still glaring, high overhead but, I liked the background.

This is probably, the best photo, I took all day and, it made me feel a little better.

Itoman Is Over 30 Miles Away



That, doesn't sound very far, to some folks but, it's too far, for me.

So, I had plenty of time to talk with Doc Graff, as he drove and, we came up with this plan.

If they let kids, pet a sloth maybe, they'd let me, arm wrestle with one.

Then Doc, could snap a picture of me and the critter grunting and groaning, for a blog post.

Some Things Just Don't Turn Out According to Plans


sloth, cage, petting zoo


 This sloth was locked up inside a steel cage and, couldn't come out.

Thinking there must be more sloths not held captive, I looked around the place, for some.

A zookeeper dude, told me, they didn't have anymore; just this one.

sign, English, Japanese, sloth bites, caution

The sign, hanging next to the cage, tells you in English and Japanese:

CAUTION: This Sloth Bites !

That, sort of busted my bubble but, I always try to get happy.

So, we would have to find some other critters, to entertain ourselves with.

turtle, grass, brick enclosure

 A humongous land turtle, was munching on grass, just around the corner.

There were other animals, like rabbits, guinea pigs and racoon, I guess, you could pet.

But, I figured this turtle, would hold still for photographs and, make the best model.

close-up, large turtle, eating grass

Moving over close to get a nice shot, I sat down next to him.

And, he stuck his tongue out at me.

That's how, I knew it was time to get out of there and, visit the horses.

We probably saw a few dozen creatures today but, the friendly young girls, were the best !

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