Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Bird Is Called Munaguro ( ムナグロ ) in Japan

bird,Pacific Golden Plover, Pluvialis fulva

Pacific Golden Plover a Migratory Visitor



Tundra country is where they breed and raise their youngsters; they spend the winter here.

So, this bird probably flew down to Okinawa from Hokkaido or Russia.

Have you ever heard of a bird planting a bomb on an airplane?  Me, neither.

Anyway, I got thinking maybe, people should start traveling, the way birds do.

They don't carry any baggage and, they arrive here naked.

All those airlines, so-called-security people, could find jobs elsewhere.

There's plenty of trash around the world in the oceans, rivers, and streets, they could pick up.

Who Wants to Fly and See Other Folks in the Nude?



It's probably illegal in many places around the world; I'm not that stupid!

And, I really have no desire to see a bunch of fat old men and women naked on the plane.

Keep a few of those airline security varmints on the payroll, is what I recommend.

In the airport security room, where everybody gets undressed, they could work.

They would be the ones, who wrap your clothes up and, mail them home to you.

And, we could have them, wrap your private parts up in aluminum foil.

The more aluminum it takes, the more your ticket would cost.

Problem solved except, I forgot one thing; excess baggage, I've been meaning to gripe about.

Under my new Airline Security Program, there would be no baggage.

Humans are the airplane's baggage and, we should all pay fair prices for our travel.

So, if some individual, happens to be twice as heavy as my skinny bones are, they should pay.

Folks carrying around a bunch of excess baggage should be charged for it.

Don't you agree?

Back to the Golden Plover

It goes by the Latin name of Pluvialis fulva.

A type of shorebird, its diet consists of crustaceans, mollusks, worms, and bugs.

During the mating season, it also consumes berries, leaves, and seeds.

It makes a noise, that sounds like "Two-Wit,  Two-Wit."

And, it's loud enough, I can even hear them when they're in the area. That's loud!



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