Saturday, November 21, 2015

Goodbye to National Geographic Magazine

Fact Checkers Got Booted



This will be just, a short little rant and, I'll try not to cuss, too much.

To me, National Geographic Magazine, always set the gold standard for, truth in writing.

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For decades, I have been a subscriber, in one form or another.

It was guaranteed, anything published by the magazine, had the facts verified.

Well, in some cost cutting maneuver, the fact checkers, got laid off work.

The publication, happens to be a nonprofit organization, headed by Gary Knell.

The poor guy, only makes, about a million and a half dollars per year.

At the bottom of the company, the fact checkers, didn't make half  a million dollars.

Shortly before Christmas, human beings with families to support, got fired.

Along Came This Email



It says: "As part of Preferred Subscriber Service, your subscription will be renewed automatically for one year at $32.95 when your current subscription expires in February 2016."

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Now, I hate to tell you this, Editor and Chief Maggie Zackowitz, you have a problem.

If the fact checkers, don't come back to work, I ain't renewing my subscription.

If Gary Knell, doesn't, bring the fact checkers back, to work, tell him something, for me.

I hope the filthy rich busturd, chokes on a holiday turkey bone !

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