Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Search for Kin Town's Saga Spring

fern field, old tiled roof house,woods

The Traditional Okinawa Rooftop



Twice, on this beautiful November day, I went in some long walks with the camera.

The mission was to find Saga Spring, an important cultural asset. 

This morning, I returned with some photos of springs but, none of the one, I was looking for.

This afternoon, I went out again and, things weren't getting any better so, I shot this house.

If you don't see any wires, telephone poles or, satellite dishes, you know you're in the country.

pipe fence,greenhouses,woods, eels

 About five minutes before arriving at this location, I stopped for a break.

There was some sort of spring, farmers were washing mud off their tractors at.

At the right moment, I pulled a map out of my pocket and asked where the spring might be.

A farmer, sitting on his tractor, pointed it out to me. It was just across the road.

Japanese, Saga Spring, sign

He laughed, when I told him, I had been searching for this spring all day.

To prove, it's the real deal, I shot the sign and, will see if it can be translated, soon.

The spring happens to be part of an article, I'm working on and, it is very important.

Saga Spring, stairway, incense burner

According to local folklore, one of these springs, had a nasty snake living nearby.

And, he captured young girls, took them to a cave and, ate them.

Some of the legend, is backed up by history and, some of it, may be myth.

spring, stairway, heavy brush,handrails

Wondering what might be up those stairs, I decided to investigate at a later date.

Next time, I'll swap the flip-flops out for some boots and, carry a bush knife.

Don't you think, that would be a good idea ?

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