Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 Photos of an Eastern Yellow Wagtail in Water

A Tough Bird to Identify



It's yellow in color but, may be confused with the Grey Wagtail, which is also, yellow.

The Wagtails, all come from the family Motacilla (Latin) something or, other.

Motacilla tschutschensis, bird, water

If some "bird expert" tells me, I'm wrong, I'll gladly make corrections.

For now, this critter is an Eastern Yellow Wagtail, (Motacilla tschutschensis) to me. 

yellow wagtail, bird, feeding

The bright feathered critter, was wagging its tail and hunting for food in freshwater. 

Thinking, reflection photos would be neat to take, I shot plenty of them.

reflection,water,bird, yellow wagtail

 A Grey Wagtail, wouldn't have hung around so long; they are afraid of my camera.

When you shoot ten frames, at a time, it sounds like a machine gun, blasting away.

bird with beak in water

Maybe, this guy was starving and, just found a good spot to catch supper.

The water, would have given, a much nicer reflection if, it wasn't flowing. Dang it !

bird, shaking waterdrops

Normally, I delete all photos, where the light just, doesn't catch the eyes right.

But, a few were kept, to help with the bird's identification.

bird, giving camera a stare

A couple of times the rascal, looked like it was, getting pissed-off, at me.

sideways glance, bird, water

It doesn't bother me. I get sideways glances like that, at home sometimes, as well. 

Do you ever forget to take the trash out on garbage collection day ?  Me, too.

yellow wagtail, bird, freshwater,stream

 Getting a positive identification requires plenty of photos.

And, it probably would have been better to have some of the bird in flight.

yellow bird, black back

After awhile, the bird got tired of all the racket the camera was making.

And, it disappeared.

bird, rear end,wings
 One shot of the rear end was saved, for those, interested in such things.

An earlier photo, showed the markings on the bird's wings, in flight but, was deleted.

Now, I wish it had been saved to show, why I'm so sure of the ID.

Eastern Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla tschutschansis) have 2 white wing bars they show in flight.

It looks like, I'll be looking for this one, again on the next sunny day.


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