Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Along the Road There's a Legend That Was Told

road, riverside,oxcart,water buffalo

Beside the Okukubi River



It isn't very often, I walk on the eastern side of this waterway.

When I do, it seems like there's always something new to photograph, besides wildlife.

The water bull pulling an oxcart full of tourists on a sunny day was an interesting shot.

sign, Buddhist Monk, beads, snake

Some brand new signs along the way, seemed to tell an important story.

A Buddhist monk, snakes and some farming near the mangrove forest were on other signs.

So, I took photos of everything that day and got the story translated into English.

My assistant, Mami Sakiyama is going to be a photojournalist someday.

Let me tell you, "That ain't no bull."

The article, Folktale from a River in Okinawa, was her first attempt at something like this.

It was sent to Stripes Okinawa last night and, got published today !

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