Saturday, November 7, 2015

Flower Images: Nerium Oleander Roseum Another Deadly Beauty

pink, flowers, Oleander

Out of the hundreds of flowers in the pending files, I dug this one up today.

The photos were taken about this time last year. I get busy sometimes.

trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, pink, deadly

After looking at thumbnail sized images online for awhile, I gave up and, tried books.

The Kin Library was kind enough to renew some overdue texts, for me.

So, I went out in the fresh air and researched, while sitting at a picnic table.

The blasted internet will, never replace, thumbing through a good book, I say.

These pink flowers happen to be Oleander and are the Roseum variety of the species.

The plants happen to be some real killers if, you don't know how to use them.

Back in 2013, I posted some of the white colored flowers from this species.

It could be used in biological warfare and, one lady had to get an autopsy because of it ! 

Would you like to grow some in your garden ?


Japanese audience only needs to use ヤエキョチクトウ for research.

ISBN4-900668-63-X  Guide Book of Landscaping Plants in Okinawa P.52

English speakers visit:

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