Sunday, November 15, 2015

Old Okukubi River Bridge Photos

destroyed bridge

Once a Main Highway Through the Ryukyu Island



Out today with 420MM of lens on the camera, no birds showed up.

Walking all those miles with a heavy load, I wasn't coming home empty handed.

It took some creativity and, plenty of backing up, to shoot these photos.

Okukubi Bridge 1931, sign, image

A sign near the Kin Dam, shows what the bridge looked like, back in 1931.

A Google search led me to Map It Okinawa's website, where I learned something.

close-up, image, remains of bridge

 All that's left of the bridge, is a partial arch, on the east side of the river.

It seems like, the Japanese Army, knew the Americans were going to attack them.

So, they destroyed the bridge, to slow their attackers down.

Somebody must have thought, that sounded like a good idea and said "Let's do it."

Ouch !

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