Monday, November 16, 2015

Statue of Seiho Matsuoka in Kin Town

A Historical Figure



This statue, I've photographed many times but, never did the research until today.

A brochure, tells me, he was a Chief Executive in the Ryukyu Government from 1964-1968.

That was before the USA let Okinawa, revert to Japanese control.

Seiho Matsuoka, statue, close-up

Digging a little bit into history, is always a good idea so, that's what, I did.

And, came up with some interesting facts about this gentleman.

Seiho Ginoza, Seiho Matsuoka, statue

He had been employed on a sugar plantation in Hawaii.

His name before, he changed it to Matsuoka, was Seiho Ginoza.

He graduated from the University of Chicago as an engineer.

In Okinawa, during the war, he was captured by the Americans and held as a prisoner.

Another Okinawan, who was in US Military Intelligence, recognized him.

Tom Ige, had relatives in Kin and knew Seiho from the days he worked on the plantation.

In fact, Tom's father was the owner of the Hawaiian sugar company. 

Besides serving as a Chief Executive in the Ryukyu Government he, did even more.

Seiho Matsuoka became the owner of the, one and only, Okinawan Electric Company.


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