Friday, November 13, 2015

Blazing Trails from a King's Grave to a Ramen Shop

 Traveling Without a Plan



The routine on Friday's, around here, goes something like this.

Camera shooting partner, Doc Graff, usually shows up around 9AM.

We have no idea, where we will be going, until time to hit the road comes along.

Our main objective, is to get out of town. Anywhere, sounds good. Go have fun.

Tomb, King Sho Hashi

The burial place of Okinawa's First King, seemed like a good place to start the day.

We had been out searching for it about a month ago and, hiked right past it.

It was a  bit easier to locate today because Click Okinawa Dude, made a video about the place

 Watch his YouTube show if, you want to get an appreciation for the terrain.

The poor king and his family got kicked out of the castle and, his remains got booted, too.

His final resting place, wouldn't be with the other royalty on the castle grounds.

Friends and family mover his remains from Shuri to Yomitan and, buried him in the woods.

Visit Okinawa Hai! for all the directions and details about the Tomb.

Waitui, trail,road,cultural asset, Katsuren Peninsula

 From the tomb, on the western side of the island, we headed over to the east coast.

We went looking for this cultural asset, called Waitui.

Those folks, in the picture, dug a trail through a mountain, by hand, finishing the job in 1932.

mountain, trail, road

 Not very proficient at direction giving, I Geo-tagged the position.
It's located at:  N 26.31739700   E 127.88994700, for those who use GPS thingies.

ramen restaurant, counter, tables, tatami room

Thinking about all the hard work, everyone did, I needed a break from the hot sun.

So, we decided to try out a Ramen Shop, we had never been to before.

Whenever, you see a place like this, filled up at lunchtime, you know It's going to be good.

Sitting a table with, my legs stretched out one the floor was a bit challenging.

It looked like a wrestling match between, me, the table and the wall, as I was trying to get up.

The photo had to be taken, before my piping hot lunch, got cold.

Just smelling the food, had my mouth watering and, I was half-starved to death.

The pork dumplings, we call Gyoza, were delicious and, I put some hot sauce on mine.

Somehow, during the night before, they slipped something in my beer, that casued a hangover !

The fried rice was the best, I have ever eaten. And, all that food cost less than 7 bucks.

There was too much, for me, to finish it all. Now, I wish, I had packed the leftovers as a takeout.

For those, wondering where, I got this meal, check TripAdvisor's Review

They'll even give you a map. I don't do directions. Remember ?

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