Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Guest Photo and Words from a Long Time Friend

Hilarious Email Arrived



Just before quitting time last night, my email went "PING."

It was from Myron Akana, a dude from Hawaii, who spends lots of weeks in Okinawa.

Subject: This One's for You !

photographer on ladder,parade,Okinawa
Right away, I emailed him back, asking for permission, to use this photo and his text.

He replied, almost instantly and, saved me a buncha writing tonight.

Text of the Email



Haisai Mike!

I shot a photo yesterday that reminded me so much of you.  Rob "Okinawa Soba" Oeschle told me he learned a lot from you.  And I did too.  You taught me that good professional photographers shop for their equipment at...Home Depot.


Caption for the Photo


Ahhh, one of my sisters in the craft of photography! You can always tell the pros by (1) their multiple expensive and sophisticated cameras, (2) their multiple, sophisticated and BIG lenses, (3) their fancy flash attachments, even in bright sunlight, (4) their casual yet functional attire, complete with floppy hat and folding brim, (5) their huge gadget bags full of essential gear, and (6) their reckless courage to take whatever chances are necessary to get the perfect shot, such as standing on the top of a flimsy aluminum ladder...without any other signs of support. She makes me proud to be a professional photographer! LOL. Photographers...we stand out above the crowd!

Closing Comments


 The ladder would be more comfortable, is she wore flip-flops.

The story of how Myron and, I met in person is here

Flicker has more of Myron's and Okinawa Soba's photography.

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